The Burning Lodge is an Immersion Composition Society Lodge. Its members have become somewhat scattered across the UK, from Southampton to Derbyshire, but there is still a critical mass that exists in the London/Hertfordshire/Essex region. We attempt to meet on a monthly basis, usually on the third Saturday in the month, to listen to each other’s latest work. (Those more geographically distant members are encouraged to use this website to share their work, so that they maintain a ‘virtual’ presence at listening sessions, if not a physical one.)  We also from time to time manage to get together to immerse ourselves in composition collaboratively, in what has become known as a ‘LiveLodge’.
New members are welcome – email the abbot:
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We have met almost every month since we started in August 2007, and have so far amassed over 1300 songs, with no sign of slowing down!
Our most recent compositions can be heard by clicking on the ‘Listen to the songs‘ link and some of our favourite moments from the Lodge archives can be heard here.
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BL-56: Saturday 21st July, 2012